Does your dog roll in poop or manure? Worms? Dirty clothes? How about dead animals?

It’s disgusting and gross and nasty and we wish they wouldn’t do it. I did some research to find out why our pups think this is a necessary part of life and I discovered a few different theories.

First of all…It is a completely normal behavior. There is nothing wrong with your dog. He or she will not need medical attention or treatment. You are not responsible. Lol

However, have you ever noticed that after your fur baby gets a nice fresh bath he or she instantly runs out and rolls in something smelly? That clean, fresh, yummy smelling shampoo you love so much…your dog doesn’t love it. He may even hate it. Our pets don’t want to smell like flowers or laundry soap. Obviously, we have a different idea of what smells good than our pets do.

Another theory goes back to their ancestors hunting in the wild. Animals, like wolves, are known to roll in animal feces or carcasses to mask their own scent in order to be more successful and undetectable by prey during a hunt. It makes total sense, as disgusting as it is.
I also read that dogs roll in unfavorable things simply to let their pack mates know where they have been or who they may have encountered.

So the next time your four-legged loved one slides into a big ole pile of YUCK…remember, it’s probably instinctual.

Until next time,

Mama T

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