Does your cat sit on the paper you are trying to write on or read?  Does he walk on your keyboard?  Is she all up in your face when you are trying to work on something?  Why do our cats do this?

Some say it is because paper is a good insulator and it holds their body heat well. Keyboards generate heat, so that would make complete sense. They are just trying to get warm and cozy!

Others say it’s because whatever you are working on smells like you.  A lot of animals, like cats, are motivated by scent.  They want to be near you because the smell makes them feel happy and safe.

Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than a human’s?  It can be argued that their sense of smell is their most important and powerful sense.  They even have more receptors in their nasal cavity than dogs.

I have also heard that sitting on your stuff is a territorial thing, they want to mark what is theirs.  Some urinate to mark and some rub up against what they claim as their own. They are transferring pheromones from their face and feet when they engage in these behaviors. They are setting territorial boundaries.

I also think our cats know when we are ignoring them.  I believe they are being INTENTIONAL.  Cats are smart & hey know when they want our attention and they know just how to get it.  They will place themselves directly in our line of sight. My cat will completely block my view of what I am trying to see.

So the next time you find your favorite feline sitting on your book or keyboard and blocking your view or gaze, remember there is likely a reason for it. He either wants your attention or he is trying to get warm!

It’s all about the love…Mama T

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