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Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil has seriously helped our sweet golden retriever, Copper. He is 7yrs old and we recently noticed his age catching up with his body. These past few months we have started to see him limp and struggle to get up from a lying down position. He has arthritis and it shows.

We decided to try Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil. What a difference! Copper no longer limps and he is back to jumping right up. We use the 1000mg and he gets a ½ dropper with breakfast and a ½ dropper with dinner. 30mg a day seems to be the perfect dose for our golden boy. His hair is super soft and shiny too!

Thank you, Mama T’s Pet Products, for giving us back our energetic dog!



Copper & Amy

This here furball is my sweet Houdini! He is a 12yr old Maltese. He needed a forever home so I adopted him. He is partially deaf & has severe respiratory issues. He has repeated coughing episodes that are very strenuous on his heart.I started using Mama T’s Full Spectrum Pet Therapy CBD Oil twice a day on my sweet boy & the results are amazing! Houdini has gone from 15-20 coughing episodes a day, down to 1 or 2 per day! I am just amazed. I had three different veterinary doctors tell me nothing could be done for him. I decided to roll the dice & I am so pleased I did! I love my fur babies & they are my family.
Thank you, Mama T! Houdini thanks you too!!


My dog, Goomba, is allergic to something here in the high desert. I started giving him Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil twice a day. The first day I gave him a full dropper of the 1000mg concentration, but that was too much for him at once. He felt good but didn’t want to move much for several hours. So, I tried giving him ½ dropper at a time, morning & evening with food. It seems to be the perfect amount for him. The redness of his skin has reduced drastically & he isn’t so nervous or anxious. He still itches sometimes but not nearly as much. We definitely recommend Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil for your furry friends!


I have owned my Paint Mare, “Q”, for 14 years. She has PSSM 1 and has been symptomatic since she was 2 years old. I have always kept up on her diet and exercised her at least four times a week up until about two years ago. She has gotten worse since then. It’s been really hard to see her deal with daily pain. I have never been a person to throw a bunch of products to my mare…I honestly just cannot afford it. BUT, I was introduced to a Pet Therapy CBD Oil, made by Mama T’s Pet Products. It’s a natural full spectrum hemp oil. I recently started to use it on “Q”. I saw immediate results within 24 hours, NO JOKE!


A huge shout out to the makers of the most wonderful CBD oil for our fur babies! My new favorite product for my anxious little Weim and a wonderful pain reliever for my older Weim. This is nature’s gold! Try some today! Thank you Mama T’s Pet Products!
Blazer & Jaxson

My 7 year old cat, Charley, was diagnosed with feline stomatitis a couple of years ago. Our veterinarian had him on antibiotics and prednisolone, indefinitely. After several months of taking your Pet Therapy CBD Oil, I can gladly say that Charley no longer needs antibiotics and his prednisolone dosage has decreased significantly. I noticed his behavior and demeanor improved within just a few days. He is now the happiest kitty I know. He is very talkative and so loving and affectionate toward us. He no longer hides under beds. He lies in the middle of the floor on his back, completely relaxed and happy.


I love it! My dog definitely loves it and is in a noticeably better mood after taking your oil!


Our 6-yr-old German Shorthair Pointer came home stiff and sore from a chukar hunting trip.  She was just lying around on her bed until I put some drops of Mama T’s amazing Pet Therapy CBD Oil in her food.  An hour later she was running up and down the stairs with our other two pups!  We are so happy to see a natural remedy help so much.


As many of our friends know, Weasley is not the easiest cat to live with. He has several behavioral issues that would have landed him in multiple homes, or worse, a lethal injection. Luckily, he landed here in my nest and when it comes to Weasley, I have infinite patience.

We have experimented with different remedies to keep his issues under control. In the past we have given him medication, but Wiley Weasley caught on to being medicated and became nearly impossible to trick or catch.

So, we moved on to other remedies. We’ve been using Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil for several months and it is our favorite! Here’s the thing, we stopped Weasley’s CBD oil for a week and all his issues came back. He peed in the sink twice and on a plastic bag right next to me. He also attacked his kitty brother, Merlin!

Needless to say, he is back on CBD Oil. Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil clearly works and it has given us the best results. We love Mama T’s and we are so happy they have the best stuff! We have tried SO many other brands and this is definitely our favorite!

Reasons we love Mama T’s:

1) This is top notch CBD oil. Many other brands we’ve tried were thin, diluted, and ineffective. This oil is thick and it’s the real deal.
2) We’ve noticed improvement and almost dissipation of Weasley’s anxiety, hyperesthesia, inappropriate urination, and general psychosis.
3) It is not artificially flavored. It is made with full spectrum hemp, wild salmon oil, avocado oil, and vit E. It smells like hemp and fish. Weasley is a bloodhound and he can sniff out medication like a drug busting dog.

Thank You Mama T’s for helping Weasley live his best life!

Weasley & Blue Haired Human Lady

Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil is an absolute life changer for animals! My yellow Lab, Bandit, acquired arthritis early on in life. He struggled with the pain of limping around due to the injury causing his arthritis. After starting him on Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil 1500mg bottle, just adding it to his food, his limping drastically began to subside. After a week or so his playful behavior became more prominent, giving him a better quality of life. Thank you so much to Mama T for giving my lab a second chance at the true “Labrador life” he deserves! You guys have top shelf ownership & service! Thank you very much

Bandit, the yellow lab

I’ve recently started using Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil and it has been amazing! Since starting it, I’ve been moving around much better, and it’s also helped with my anxiety. I sleep through the night much more often now! I highly recommend it! My mom might also try it for my brother who suffers from bad allergies & anxiety.


You Guys! My mom has been giving me Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil in my food every day for several weeks and what a difference! I had no idea that CBD could help with my allergies. I am less itchy & I don’t want to chew on my butt anymore! I feel so good! My mom is also giving it to some of my pack mates & the various healing properties are so beneficial. If you are curious or have questions regarding the use of CBD oil for your pets don’t hesitate to call Mama T or send her a message. She was super kind and answered all our questions in a timely manner.


Before using Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil, my Golden Retriever, Toby, was sluggish and had not been as active since being diagnosed with two arthritic legs. We started him on the CBD oil and within a few days he was more energetic, happier, sleeping better, and more active. He looks forward to eating as he loves the taste of the oil on his food. Thank you Mama T’s for this great product!


My 3 1⁄2 year old black lab has allergies and he LOVES your Pet Therapy CBD Oil! I give him a daily dose every morning and he will not eat his food until I put the drops on top of it! It’s the cutest thing. My vet continues to ask if I am using the medicated shampoo and ear wash that she prescribed him two years ago. I am so happy to tell her that we haven’t needed either one. We are only using Mama T’s Pet Therapy CBD Oil and his skin and allergies are very healthy! He also loves it when I put the CBD Oil on his treats!


We’ve been experimenting with different remedies to keep Weasley’s behavioral issues under control. In the past we have done medication (fluoxetine, generic Prozac), but Wiley Weasley caught on to being medicated and became difficult to trick/catch.

So, we’ve moved on to other remedies. The latest one that we’ve been most happy with is CBD Oil. We’ve been using Mama T’s Pet Products Pet Therapy CBD Oil consistently for the last couple of months now. After trying several other CBD oil brands, we feel that this is the one that has given us the best results.

Reasons we love Mama T’s:
1) This is top notch CBD Oil. So many others we’ve used are watery, diluted, and ineffective. This is thick and it’s the real deal.
2) We’ve noticed Weasley’s issues (anxiety, hyperesthesia, inappropriate urination, general psychosis) have dissipated.
3) The oil is not flavored but blended with wild salmon oil. Weasley is a bloodhound and he can sniff out medication like a drug busting dog. He hates anything flavored.

Thank You, Mama T!


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