Is your dog nervous or anxious?  Does she pace and pant?  How about hiding, does he hide when someone comes over to your house? There are so many pets that suffer from these symptoms or behaviors, for several different reasons.

My friend asked me the other day if CBD could help Dottie, her dog.  Dottie is a wonderfully sweet pup she and her family rescued about a year and a half ago who suffers from PTSD.  Unfortunately, my friend has no idea of her previous history.  Dottie displays caution whenever they come home after being gone a while or when they are holding anything in their hand that seems to elongate their arm, such as an umbrella or spatula.  Sometimes she even wets the floor.

This got me curious. Of course, I wanted to see if we could find some relief for poor Dottie.  So, I began reading and researching and doing what I do.

We already know that CBD can ease anxiety symptoms. Will it help with cautious or nervous behavior too?  It sure will!

Veterinarians believe, just like humans, animals can suffer an emotional response to trauma they encounter.  Certain situations can trigger these emotional responses.  We can’t always predict the triggers but we can certainly help ease their emotional discomfort, whatever it may be.

CBD is a rapidly growing option for treatment of many disorders, including PTSD.  Cannabidiol, or CBD, basically allows the body to calm down, relieve tension, and relax. The CBD reacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and allows them to “communicate” with each other, thus having the desired calming effect we ultimately want our pets to experience.

I sure wish I new about CBD a few years ago when I had my first lab, Jordan.  He was deathly afraid of fireworks and I would have loved to be able to help him. I will definitely encourage my friend to try CBD for her Dottie Dog.

Until Next Time,

Mama T…It’s all about the love