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In July of 2017 I had spinal fusion surgery.  I had been taking prescription pain medication and muscle relaxers for several months prior to and post-surgery.  I was desperate to get off them but was told by my physician I needed to continue taking them until my fusion was further along in the healing process.

In September I was introduced to CBD, or cannabidiol, by a friend of mine.  She had been taking it herself for pain and inflammation.  She was raving about it.  After a couple weeks of taking this CBD I weened myself off all pain medication and muscle relaxers.  I was no longer taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Nothing.  Just CBD. I felt incredible!

I was so amazed at the effect it had on me, I began to research WHY.  HOW was it helping me?  I quickly learned that all vertebrate animals have an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, and they could benefit from the medicinal effects of this therapeutic compound as well.

So what did I do with this informative research?

Well, it just so happens that I have a kitty, Charley, who has Feline Stomatitis. He is allergic to his own teeth and his body basically rejects them causing pain, inflammation, and infection in his mouth and digestive system.  Most of his teeth had to be surgically removed and he was put on antibiotics and prednisolone, indefinitely.   He would have random bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.  We tried changing his food but nothing seemed to help consistently.  This caused Charley to gain weight which now puts him at risk for Diabetes and other health issues.

I decided to try him on CBD. After a few days I noticed he was no longer throwing up and his stool was firm.  HE WAS SO HAPPY.  He no longer hid in our bedrooms under beds.  He was more vocal, had more energy, and wanted more love and affection from us.  Our Charley is now a social butterfly and I have never met a happier kitty!

Life Changing Results for my Pet

I was completely blown away by how well the CBD had worked for Charley, I decided to give it a shot on my dog too. My 3 ½ year old black lab, Blu, suffers from allergies. He was prescribed medicated shampoo & ear wash which I was to use regularly on him.  I started giving Blu CBD oil.  I didn’t notice a drastic difference with him like I did with my cat.  After a while I became a little lazy with giving it to him and several days went by and I realized he seemed not quite his happy go lucky self.  He also seemed to be more irritated by his skin and ears.  I decided to start him back on CBD and within a few days, my dog was back!  The CBD WAS helping him, I just didn’t realize it.  His coat got shinier, his skin wasn’t as dry, his demeanor was happier, and he was more playful. He was obviously happier too.

So I asked what’s next?

I couldn’t keep this secret all to myself!  I had to tell people.  I had to share the knowledge I learned and the results I discovered. Our pets are our family and we want them with us as long as possible, in the best health possible.  I continued to research and educate myself and decided to come up with my own brand of pet products now called Mama T’s Pet Products.

I am passionate about my pets, as I know you are too.

After all…It’s All About the Love.

Mama T

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